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Choose from our large selection of premium grade Motorola / NMO antenna mounts for 3/4" or 3/8" hole, magnetic base, Bracket base. Sheet metal or thick surface mounting capable. Including conventional or coaxial FME style cable connection to meet stringent radiation specifications world wide.

Antenna World introduces its complete group of innovative and low cost NMO mounts (Motorola style) for the first time all in one place. Many years of refinement and improvement providing to OEMs and in-house idea and development by antenna and radio operators has resulted in a top grade selection. Available for mounting in 3/8" or 3/4" hole either conventional solder on feed line or high grade FME connector input. Our FME versions are stable to 3GHz for today's high frequency uses. The FME models are available in 4 surface thickness capabilities from thin sheet metal to a full 3/4" or more.

Our VHF/UHF division also includes many other classic products some of which can be found in our ebay closeout store or the our on-line antennastore!

Check out our newest products ...


Flat Panel 1.9GHz 14dBi antenna. Superb gain and durability and compact dimensions. Also available 850, 920 and 1800.


Flat Panel 2.4GHz 15dBi antenna.superb gain and surability and compact dimensions. Also available 2.3 2.6 3.5 & more.


Enclosed 2.4 GHz 14dBi gain Yagi with outdoor mast mount or indoor desktop tripod. Available black or white.


Satellite radio antenna for motorcycles. Attach to handlebar or any flat surface. Compact desigm provides powerful reception.


Omni-Directional 2.4GHz 11dBi heavy-duty antenna is built tough yet light for long lasting outdoor use. Broad signal coverage.


Motorola NMO style mobile antenna base with coaxial removable cable attachment.  Prevents in-vehicle radiation leaks. Thick surface up to 3/8".