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4G Rural Cellular Log Periodic Yagi Antenna for LTE AT&T Verizon Tmobile MiMo

Great for rural long range cellular modems. This antenna has F female connector so you can use high grade low cost RG-6 dual or triple shield cable. New Log Periodic antenna, extended range down to 700MHz covers Verizon and AT&T LTE 4G services. This is a continuous coverage high gain antenna for all cellular bands plus wifi, a full 700-2700MHz log periodic. This item comes with an F type female connector like outdoor TV antennas. See other listing for model using N connector Zboost cable,  Ham or Wifi cable or Wilson repeater cable! See picture.  (Other version currently sold out--will update later)

This is an overstock reduction at great price. Brand new in box and factory direct.  MADE IN USA WITH IMPORTED PARTS

This listing is for 1 unit directional panel antenna for the 700-799, 824-894, 880-960, 1710-1880 (1.7-1.85 Ghz) 1850-1990MHz (1.85 to 1.99 GHz) 1920-2170 (1.9-2.17GHz and even Wifi 2400 Mhz and CLEAR 2500-2700MHZ. This antenna can work anywhere on earth, compatible with all cellular voice and data bands. All data and cellular uses are compatible. It measures approximately 18 x 9"  and just 2" deep plus brackets. This antenna provides a true 10-13dBi of gain forward power for amazing results compared to omni directional or smaller directional antennas.  It comes boxed and weighs just 2 Lbs for shipping.


Installation and use Instructions: No papers are packed with this antenna.  1. Attach the metal L-bracket to rear of antenna using 2 nut or bolts located already at rear of antenna or in hardware bag. Refer to pictures in our listing for proper orientation which is in parallel with housing, and it attaches to a pole in a vertical position, smaller end of antenna pointing towards the cell site or tower.

2. Attach your coaxial cable feed line to the F female connector at end of the short cable at rear. This is set up for Wilson or common systems using TV antenna cable with F male on the end. See other listing for N female to use with telecom/ham/wifi antenna cables having N male on the end, such as Wilson cable kits. Make very sure to use ONLY high grade triple shield new and good condition TV antenna cable such as RG-6. Low grade and RG-59 OK for 20 feet only.

3. Refer to your cellular device manual or web sites for best use details. This is a long range antenna option for your cellular repeater or booster system.

4. For rural cellular modems use 2 of them if your modem allows it.


Frequency Band:    700---2700MHz continuos
Gain:       10dBi to 13 dBi
Beam Width @ Half Power  AZ  60deg average
Beam Width @ Half Power  EL  45deg average
Front To Back Ratio:   20dB Average high bands 10 dB low bands
SWR Max/ Min:    1.9:1/1.1:1
SWR Average Across Band:  1.45:1
Power Max:     50 Watts
Dimensions:     17x9x2.2" 

Connector: F type female

Weight:     2 Lb (in box)
Materials:    ABS Plastic housing, stamped aluminum elements
Color:    Beige white
Mounting:     Includes U bolt, sadlle and L-bracket with nuts as shown

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