2 Zboost Panel antennas 800 900 1700 1800 1900 2100 Mhz 9dBi Window Wall mount

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2 Zboost Panel antennas 800 900 1700 1800 1900 2100 Mhz 9dBi Window Wall mount

Factory refurbished, cosmetic defects like small paint dot, glue smudge or molding imperfections. Some of these defects are a challenge to see even up close. These antennas are as-new and come with an F female connector so you can use cheap TV antenna cable to make the connection to your modem, cell phone or cellular repeater. This fits many Zboost repeaters with the F connector terminals, if you use a TV antenna cable such as RG-59 or RG-6.

This listing is for 2 units directional panel antenna for the 824-894, 880-960, 1710-1880 (1.7-1.85 Ghz) 1850-1990MHz (1.85 to 1.99 GHz) and 1920-2170 (1.9-2.17GHz. This antenna can work anywhere on earth, compatible with all cellular voice and data bands. All data and cellular uses are compatible. It measures approximately 6 x 9" and just 2" deep plus brackets. It is made in USA of top grade materials. This antenna provides a true 9dBi of gain forward power for amazing results compared to omni directional or smaller directional antennas. It comes boxed and weighs just under 2 Lbs for shipping. Includes wall or glass window mounting brackets shown with suction cups and has a F female connector on the 12" cable.

This listing is for 2 antennas at closeout prices! The price listed gets you 2 of these great antennas.


Frequency Band: 800, 900, 1800, 1900 2100
Gain: 8dBi Average (9.5 peak)
Beam Width @ Half Power AZ 67deg average
Beam Width @ Half Power EL 70deg average
Front To Back Ratio: 22dB Average high bands 10 dB low bands
SWR Max/ Min: 1.9:1/1.1:1
SWR Average Across Band: 1.45:1
Power Max: 50 Watts
Dimensions: 6x9.75x2.2"

Weight: 1.5 Lb (in box)
Materials: ABS Plastic
Color: Beige white
Mounting: includes short and long brackets. 2 suction cups for glass window attachment, or direct to wall using screws not included.

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