Magnet Mount Antenna base rubber covers

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You get 10 in this listing! Getting rid of hundreds  Here is a 3.0" round molded rubber bottom cover for any 3" magnetic base or any other object.  This listing gets you 10

The rubber cover is custom molded in our own molds and has a lip to seal against water. The side lip is 1/4" high.The edge lip is tapered. Look at the cut material picture. The base is .040" and tapers to .012", for the lip only. The lip is angled inward at 45 degrees too. The bottom sheet material is .011" and VERY stretchable. See picture of it stretched on a desk corner and a stapler bottom. I also pulled on it trying to tear it apart with my big hands and it is impossible. This molded epdm or butile rubber and we have had it in storage for years. No longer use 3" antenna bases. Only poking this material with a sharp point breaks it to damage it.

This rubber membrane cover is usable for many things not just a car antenna magnet. The price gets you a pack of 10.

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