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The WiFi Panel is a great professional approach to long range WiFi connections. With a sleek design that's low profile, coupled with a excellent signal radiation - the WiFi panel is a favorite among installers and those looking for a non-intrusive solution to their WiFi needs. 

The outdoor panels are made to withstand years of use outside on a pole with the included pole mounting hardware. An N-Female connector on the back allows for connections to any router, USB adapter or WiFI repeater that accepts external antennas. 

If you decide to go with an indoor solution, we have two options that can extend your WiFI network without the hassle of running coaxial cable outdoors. The first is our popular 14dBi panel which includes a an indoor tripod mounting solution and 3ft of coaxial cable. The next and most popular "quick fix" for home networks with dead zones is the Mini Panel. At 8dBi the Mini Panel provides that extra push through concrete walls and wood to help get signal where you need it most. 

Most of our panels work on the 2.4Ghz frequency which is the most common signal frequency used by WiFi devices. However, if you have a dual band router with a 5Ghz network capability, look for the dual band classification on the panel description below. This antenna can work on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands.

All 2.4GHz antennas work on 802.11b/g/n protocols up to 150 MBPS. 

Here's a handy guide to help you choose which type of panel is right for you based on what we offer. 

 Panel Type Gain (Strength) Signal Width Range Frequency
Outdoors 14 dBi 32 Degrees 1 Mile 2.4GHz
Outdoors 18dBi 18 Degrees 1.5 Miles
Indoors 14dBi 32 Degrees 0.5 Mile
Indoor 8dBi 60 Degrees 0.25 Mile
Indoor 6dBi / 8dBi 80/60 Degrees 0.25 Mile Dual Band

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