6 Lot Whip Antenna Flex Fake Ornamental fits 1/4" hole. Display bendable 5-1/2"

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6 Lot Whip Antenna Flex Fake Ornamental fits 1/4" hole. Display bendable 5-1/2"

This listing is for 6. The main pic shows only 2 but this listing gets you 6.

Flexible whip phony antenna was custom made for Wells Cabinet 20 years ago. These are leftovers. They were used for wooden toy cars. Totally made in USA. The whip is 5-3/4" long overall. It is 5" installed into a 1/4" hole. The mounting stud where the flex speedo cable is crimped is oval/hex from crimping. The diameter varies then .23-.258". This is a tight fit into a 1/4" hole in wood. The base cone is machined brass then black chromed. The insert stud is 0.41" long.

The cone section of the base is 0.5" diameter bottom and .25" at the top. It is .34" high (plus the .41" for the stud) The whip is coated speedometer cable and 0.147" OD. There is a plastisol tip cap glued on. The cap is 1/2" long and .215" OD.

The antenna is non functional. I could be modified to work by creating a link from the center of the speedo cable to a bare brass spot under the stud. Or grind the bottom to expose brass and the end of the speedo cable then flood with solder. It would be a 1/4 wave radiator at around 500MHz.

The whip is very flexible can make a circle and returns to straight.

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