HDTV TV outdoor Antenna LPDA Professional Grade 10dBi VHF-UHF Log Periodic

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HDTV TV outdoor Antenna LPDA Professional Grade 10dBi VHF-UHF Log Periodic

High performance antenna tested in our anechoic chambers and certified as Trugain real performance. Only this type of antenna provides a constant gain across the band from 170-213 and 450- 800MHz for the HDTV bands in USA. US Channels 7-13 plus 14-69. VHF UHF TV in Europe. (reaches 790MHz)

It is 47.5" long and weighs just 3 Lbs or less. Longest element at rear is 35" across.There are 16 active elements. Fully assembled no assembly required just spread out the rear elements and install on your pipe or mast. This antenna is good for 100 miles if installed at least 20 feet up and aimed at a typical high power TV transmitter.

This is a long term antenna good for 12 years. The plastic parts are non critical and if they get brittle after 6 years we will send new plastics free of charge. All the antennas on the market have plastic parts some in critical locations, stressed and get brittle and the antenna falls apart after a few years. This one has no critical stressed plastic and plastic good for at least 5 years and a MINIMAL number of plastic parts just 2! Being sold by an engineering company not a reseller.
For bulk buyers: The 10 pcs carton is large 48x14x8 and just 30 Lbs. Each antenna inside is individually bagged. Ask about 10 lot prices.

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